The number 1 thing voted for under Taskbar currently is to hide the new Search bar and task view buttons



To show that Microsoft is listening below is how you can hide these.

Hide Task View button

To hide the Task View button simple right click on the Taskbar and then un tick Show Task View button.


Hide Search Box

Hiding the search box is not much different. Right click on the taskbar and then go to search, in this case you are presented with multiple options.


You can disable (hide) the search box


Show just a icon (like earlier builds of windows 10


or have the search box show


My Preference

I prefer to hide everything. The reason for this is I have a lot of things open at once to the point where I on my main screen have a double taskbar and have the setting for showing items in the taskbar set to only show where the apps are open so like the space


Plus I know Cortana is there with a simple win + S key press




I had some "Weird" things happening with IIS on one of my developer machines. After trouble shooting for a while I decided that was definitely not winning and removed all features from my pc that were even the slightest related to IIS, my pc required a restart so I did. When it came back I re-enabled all the features as I would normally do and then attempted to put my dev site in IIS. For some reason all the sites were stopped and when trying to start them I received the message

Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070020)

This was very weird as I was at this stage thinking that there shouldn't be anything running on port 80. I ran a Bing search and kb973094 - Error 0x80070020 when you try to start a Web site in IIS 7.0. Although I am using a later version of IIS I still gave it a read because most times things are similar or the same. In the resolution section it said I should run the below in Command Prompt

netstat -aon | find ":80"

With that I would get the output


and from there I needed to take the Process ID (Last Column) and look in Task Manager. When I opened Task Manager I noticed that the process that was using port 80 was Skype. After Ending the Skype process and doing an IIS Reset everything was back to normal.

I wanted to find out why Skype would be using port 80 and so I went into the settings and noticed a checkbox that was allowing it to use that port


After un-checking this box Skype has not taken control again =).


Your VSO Account

Ok so obviously the first you need is to have a VSO account. If you have one already, awesome, continue on and skip this section.

If not then you can get at http://www.visualstudio.com/. All you need to do is click on Sign up, fill in all of one field for what you want your account name to be and then click Create Account.


In less than a minute (exactly 11 seconds when making this post) you will see the page to create your first VSO Project for this account.


Configuring Alternate Credentials

In the top right click on you name and then on the My profile link.


When the dialog pops open you will need to click on the Credentials tab and then on Enable alternate credentials.


At this point you can enter a secondary user name if you want and you will also use you will be required to enter a password and confirm that password and then click Save changes.


This will allow you to connect to VSO using basic authentication.

Disabling Alternate Credentials

You can at any point come back to this dialog and click on Disable alternate credentials if you want to have alternate credentials enabled anymore.


and then again click Save changes.


Alternate credentials will now be disabled.


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