So we use CheckPoint VPN, but the most frustrating part is that when a new version on windows is released the CheckPoint VPN client is incompatible with it and makes your computer weird when you do try use it.

For a while now I (and others) have been waiting for a client for windows 8.1. Very recently I found out that this functionality is baked into Windows 8.1 already and we don't have to wait Smile. Here's how to create the VPN connection

Open the Charms bar (slide from the right or Win + C) and click Settings

step 1

Select Change PC Settings

step 2

Click on Network

step 3

Under connections select Add a VPN connection

step 4

Choose Check Point VPN as the provider, enter a name for the connection and also enter the server name or address and click Save

step 5

You should see your connection in the Connections page now

step 6

Head back to the charms bar and click Networks

step 7

Under Connections you will see your VPN connection, Click on it

step 8

Click on Connect

step 9

Select the authentication method (I'll use Username and Password), Click Next

step 10

Enter the Username and Password and click OK

step 11

You will now be connected

step 12

It's that simple, no more waiting around for VPN providers to update their clients Smile


Comment by Philippe

Thanks for the info!
With the Checkpoint own VPN client I get connected, but disconnected after a few seconds.
With your method I stay connected, however I cannot reach any of the servers behind the VPN. Are there any log files I can examine?

Comment by Jhon Charles

Thanks, Excellent information

Jhon Charles
Comment by itsho

Hi. thanks a lot!.

But, if I use my username without domain, I get 'The server sent an invalid response'
if I use my username with domain, i get 'The user name or password is incorrect'
any idea ?

Comment by ester

Thank you very much!!!!! I was suffering with the same problems as Philippe..Now, finally it works!

Comment by ester

Thank you very much!!!!! I was suffering with the same problems as Philippe..Now, finally it works!

Comment by raj

do we use the vpn credentials or Active Directory credentials. When I tried VPN credentials, I get server sent an invalid response

Comment by Gordon Beeming

I use domain username and password (not specifying domain itself), not sure if it's configurable by your IT or not.

Comment by Alex Xavier

You save my work! God bless you!

Alex Xavier
Comment by Jayzee Smith

Wow, I'm really grateful I've found this tutorial. I've encountered the same problem and tested the methods indicated above to see if they'll work. And thanks. I've got it!

I have also read more about VPN for windows. I've found a lot of info here: www.bestvpnservicemag.com/best-vpn-for-windows/

Comment by Sanele ngcobo

Thanks Gordon lol found your blog.... Will thanks u at work tomorrow... You upgraded my life

Sanele ngcobo
Comment by Colleen

I can connect to my VPN no problem with this method and stay connected but then when I try and remote to my work pc or servers it's hit and miss whether I can connect or not. I'll get the message that it can't find the computer or remote is not set up, etc. Any idea why sometimes I can remote and sometimes I can't? Thanks very much.

Comment by Diana

Check this Checkpoint website to make sure the main settings are set correctly: https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal?eventSubmit_doGoviewsolutiondetails=

Comment by Diana


Comment by Diana

Hmmm it won't post the whole web address. Just search "How to use Windows 8.1 Check Point Mobile VPN plugin to connect to locally managed 1100/600" in Google and it will pop up. Search "Check Point Clients' support on Windows 8 and 8.1" to see if the version of Check Point you use is supported.

Comment by itsho

@Diana, shorten link http://goo.gl/8jm9eT

Comment by Pat H.

Thanks Gordon, the information you provided was right on point.
I followed your instructions and everything worked great.
Now I can truly say my Surface 3 can replace my notebook.
Thanks again.
Pat H.

Comment by Carlos

I think that this method requires that the port used is 443; if you already have this port in use by other service, it won't work.
I tried to use another port, configured it on the checkpoint VPN, but can´t access from the client.
Even using ip:port in "server name or address" dowsn´t work - I got an invalid server error when trying to connect.

Comment by Det

I to checkpoint R77 with VPN-Plugin on Windows 8.1
I just have the Problem, that I get no DNS Servers configured in Officemode through VPN-Plugin. I had a websession with Checkpoint. The trace Shows, that DNS is published by Portal, but not set by Client.
Has anybody else this Problem?


Comment by tracy

I am happy i have found this useful tutorial. I was facing the same problem and now i am sure i can resolve this.
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